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Envirocentral group is a startup the comprises of a network of young hungry individuals with a large assortment of skills ranging from corporate law to  computer science with the aim of mednding humanity’s relationship with mother nature.  

Despite a large variety of specialists we are like minded in our pursuit greater future, our differences are  our greatest asset, It not only allows us to look at things from different perspectives but allows us come up with solutions that encompass elements from multiple disciplines increasing the chances of our solutions succeeding when tested. 

We realized that one of the things hindering our progress in adopting and demanding more action of governments, companies and ourselves are huge socio-economic  hurdles faced by many developing countries. We look towards impact driven solutions with a holistic approach. 


We are an organization that was founded on one word SUSTAINABILITY. We will mend our relationship with mother nature!


Our organization will one day be in most developing nations bringing sustainable growth through the use of our products and services. 


  • Impact Driven
  • Socially Responsible
  • Environmentally friendly