the believable environmental COVID-19 conspiracy theory

Conspiracy theories

Conspiracy theories are nothing new and it was no surprise that the COVID-19 came with a mouthful. The coronavirus really has caused a stir, in a time where nothing makes sense somehow everything starts to make sense, yes that’s how confusing 2020 has felt when experts keep saying they don’t know but everyone else somehow earned overnight PhD on every matter of every subject.

The mention of a “New World Order” became normal in conversations again for most of us who thought we had outgrown that phase of our lives but somehow even people over 50 were telling me about viral underground news they believed, one guy even told me that he had it n good authority that Bill Gates was paying all the hospitals around the world to do spread the news of this virus, when I asked him why Bill Gates would do this, apparently rich people get bored and start doing dumb things with their money.

conspiracy theory awards

So we decided compile our list of covid-19 Conspiracy theory awards:

OUr conspiracy theory

Our theory is simple, if humanity continues to destroy the planet these are the results it would be no surprise to see worldwide COVID-19 like viruses become some sort of normal daily living. Deforestation is one example of human practice that drives animals out of their natural habitats and bringing wild animals closer to human contact. Whilst we not here to claim that the current pandemic was caused by deforestation, what we can’t hold back on is that humanity’s relationship with mother nature is at a strain. We consistently make the environment adapt to our wants. As animals adapt to new environments and humanity’s appetite more diseases and disasters will arise. Studies show that deforestation and loss in wildlife cause an increase in infectious diseases.

There are many covid-19 conspiracy theories as we have highlighted above, but the fact that there is a growing movement of people calling climate change a conspiracy highlights the danger of these wild narratives we create.

here is a better description to show you how big our problems

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