How music can inspire a movement for change

Browsing YouTube you should never cease to be amazed but a South African music video with the simple name  ‘Please’,  by DJ Sliqe featuring Flame and Frank Casino is the last place I would have expected to see, what I would call, a short film that highlighted some of the main ills that are hindering our progress as a country, Red tape.

Hip hop is more than Music ?

Given the roots of hip hop as a form of protest art, this shouldn’t be anything new. It is new though when we’ve gotten used to seeing videos riddled with drip and flashy cars, the “aesthetic” has clearly taken precedence over the message of the story. There’s nothing wrong with the route South African hip hop has taken but this video was pleasantly surprising. A video that highlights corruption and exploitation in story form, director Young Matee also delivered with overall visuals.

“Oh please, I don’t wanna see my self beg oh please” Frank Casino’s words and the visuals for me spoke of a reality where too many youths are overlooked when it comes to job opportunities because they don’t have the right connections or the fact that what we think is a free and fair market for entrepreneurs is one that is an auction house for the highest briber and last but not least this video showed the disgusting culture of men taking advantage of women, someone finally showed what women go through at work or what they have to go through to get work. 

to answer the question

If an artist can use their platform/resources to create something that will hopefully drive some sort of the change in our community then is there nothing more that we can with the jobs and resources we have. whether you are a doctor, lawyer, carpenter, or IT technician is there nothing we can do to make come up with creative solutions where we use the skills and resources we have to create change. I watched this music video and asked myself what more can I do with the skills, knowledge, and experience I have attained to help aid our sick society back to health. The answers might not come immediately but when they do I can only hope we will spring to action and walk the talk to leave our mark on the journey to better our communities.   

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